EBERTFEST: Wael vs. the Volcano Vol. 2- The Uplifting Sequel

By now most of you must have heard of my success of getting to Ebertfest. For those of you who don’t know here’s what happened. I had lost all hope and went to the airport in Doha to buy a ticket back to Egypt. I was standing in line to get that ticket when myContinue reading “EBERTFEST: Wael vs. the Volcano Vol. 2- The Uplifting Sequel”

EBERTFEST: Wael versus the Volcano- The Quest to Ebertfest

This blog post has nothing to do with the feel good motion picture “Joe versus the Volcano”. In fact, it’s far from a feel good story. This is my way of expressing my inner feelings about how the volcano in Iceland ruined my trip to Roger Ebert’s film festival, Ebertfest.  The purpose of it isContinue reading “EBERTFEST: Wael versus the Volcano- The Quest to Ebertfest”

Dialogue At Its Cinematic Best: “In Bruges”

When a movie deals with such heavy topics as atonement, redemption, the after life, death, guilt, honor, friendship, and suicide, it’s naturally becomes hard for a viewer to swallow such heavy subjects in an hour and a half, which is why the hilarious humor of the most original screenplay of 2008 makes it a piece of cakeContinue reading “Dialogue At Its Cinematic Best: “In Bruges””

A Study of Celebrity Worship

There are several types of obsessions, from war veterans obsessed with the act of battle to over religious terrorists obsessed with the act of violence, the list goes on and on; however, the most widely spread type of obsession is most commonly known as celebrity worship. As time passed celebrating celebrities has become more and more active. It started since the dawn of time when someone who was regarded as superior than the average human being was idolized by his fans. Sportsmen, actors, actresses, artists and singers are just some of the people that could be regarded or labeled as celebrities. Since the media nowadays is more than focused on celebrities, we live in the age where celebrity worship is most widely spread, for never before has the concept of celebrity worship reached the standard it lays at today. Since it has become of today’s main factors of life, many researches have been developed studying this form of obsession. Some researches study the aspect of why people tend to lean towards celebrity worship, while others study whether it’s a good habit or a bad habit. The truth is the only way to fully understand celebrity worship is to take all theories and opinions into consideration and drawing up conclusions.

My Personal 100 Greatest Movies of All Time

This list is my personal preference of movies. While the list in order, it is subject to change. In fact it will change frequently, for this isn’t as easy as it seems. However, I tried as best as I can to place an order to these landmarks of cinema. Again, the list isn’t as accurate as many other lists for I do not measure by the greatness of the picture but by personal preference. For example, while I really like The Shawshank Redemption, I wouldn’t dare call it a greater movie than Citizen Kane or 2001: A Space Odyssey.