Great Scenes: “Cinema Paradiso”

I don’t think there’s any film that captures the magic of going to the movies like Giuseppe Tornatore’s “Cinema Paradiso”. When people ask me why I still go to the movies as opposed to watching them online, or renting films, I find it hard to put into words. There’s a certain warmth and comfort I feel at a movie palace. Going to the movies is to share a mutual experience with an entire audience. For the briefest of moments you become part of an entity. The audience laughs, cries, and screams together. The connecting feeling of living through the same exact  experience as the stranger sitting next to you is sadly being destroyed by technology, which in this case, disconnect us. Every time a cinema closes down, I think of this marvellous film and it’s bittersweet musical score. In this heartwarming scene, the audience gets kicked out of the theatre for refusing to leave after a film screening. What happens next is as magical a scene as seeing an entire seated audience laugh or smile at the same moment in time and space.


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